HR Tech and Trends

HR Technology and Trends for 2018

Here we look ahead to what’s coming up for the world of HR in the coming year… People management never keeps still – there are always developments to keep on top of –  like the changes from last month’s budget that we mentioned in our November blog. Read it here. Artificial Intelligence AI (or Artificial […]

Embrace HR Autumn Budget and Employment Update

Changes for HR as 2017 draws to a close

What will the latest Autumn Budget statement mean for HR, plus an update on changes in employment law in the past year… While much of the budget statement from 22 November tackled the housing crisis in the UK, there were a number of changes that will be useful for HR folk. First, Chancellor Philip Hammond […]

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Planning Ahead for 2018

Don’t leave it until the last minute, human resources planning for 2018 should start now! No doubt the business planning process within your organisation has already started, so you’ll want to consider any impact on your staffing capabilities. Here’s some tips to help with any resultant impact and at the same time to improve your […]

Skills crisis

Skills Crisis Ahead

As Brexit gets ever-nearer, and the world of work changes with technological advances, the UK is heading towards a skills shortage that will hit employers hard… The UK is falling behind its European counterparts when it comes to education levels and training in the workplace, according to research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and […]

Satisfied employees

Happy Employees in the Workplace

From a rather way out suggestion from a Swedish politician, to some rather more reserved suggestions – there are plenty of ways you can make your workplace a happier place! HR professionals must have been left reeling in Sweden after a politician suggested that sex breaks in the workplace would be good for the physical […]

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Fighting Cybercrime

The threat of cybercrime to British businesses is very real – and increasing all the time. This is one subject you shouldn’t ignore… British businesses lost almost £30 billion due to cybercrime in 2016*. And nearly half fell victim to some kind of cybercrime, whether that was phishing, hacking, denial of service attacks or viruses. […]

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The Youth of Today – Are you Ready for Generation Z?

When it comes to managing HR, you need to understand your market, and while you may have got a handle on the Millennials – those who reached young adulthood around the year 2000 – do you know about what’s coming next? Generation Z (sometimes called the Post-Millennials) are the first generation to have grown up […]

Election 2017
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What HR Professionals Need to Know about the General Election

From political discussions in the office to what the election result could mean to you, here’s what you need to know… One of the first issues when a general election is called is the matter of politics within the workplace. Of course, you can’t ban any talk of politics or the general election – it […]


The Budget and what it means for HR

This is the last time that we will see a Spring Budget – the main budget will be seen in the Autumn from now on – so the way businesses plan their year may also change in response to this. These are the main points that concern HR and human resources departments: Self-employment The announced […]

Aylesbury Business of the Year Award

Embrace HR Wins Aylesbury Business of the Year Award

Cecily Lalloo is delighted to announce that her company – Embrace HR Limited – has won ‘Aylesbury Business of the Year’ Award at the inaugural SME Buckinghamshire Business Awards, which took place at the Double Tree Hotel, Milton Keynes, on Thursday 30 March 2017. As Cecily Lalloo was out of the country at the time […]

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The Employee Experience

How your staff engage at work is vital for productivity, as well as staff recruitment and retention. Customer experience is now all-important for those in the retail, entertainment and hospitality arenas, especially as the landscape has changed, allowing customers to review their experiences – good or bad – almost instantly on social media. The level […]

Statutory Sick Pay

Getting Back to Work

Employees who have been off work with a long-term illness could still be paid Statutory Sick Pay when they return to employment, if proposals from a recent government Green Paper go ahead. The Work, Health and Disability Green Paper revealed that sickness absence costs employers £9 billion a year, while the additional cost to the […]