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What’s the Pay?

Weekdays : £13.00  per hour

Saturdays: £14.40 per hour

Sundays/Bank Holidays: £15.00  per hour

 About the job 

Are you are Support Worker wanting to join a team who look after a lovely 7 year-old boy? He has Cerebral Palsy and associated complex needs. You’ll care for him in his family home in Wallington, SM6.

Are you an experienced Support Worker? Then apply now!

You have some experience but don’t tick all the boxes? Don’t let that put you off. Apply now as training will be provided. What’s more important is your aptitude and your desire to work with our young client with complex needs, and your willingness to learn.

You may be a teaching assistant, physiotherapy student, support worker, carer, or anyone who has a caring nature and finds working in this sector rewarding.

About our Client

Our Client lives at home with his parents, old brother and dog and cats in Wallington, Surrey. He is an active boy who needs help with all aspect of daily living. He enjoys playing games, creative play and being outdoors. He attends a Conductive Education School. One of your roles is to drive him to school in his own adapted vehicle. He enjoys days out and you may be required to accompany him and his family. His therapies need to be implemented regularly and they are intended to be fun and part of his every day activities such as through play and getting ready.

If you are a support worker or know someone who might like this role, read on.

 About you as a Support Worker

You will have a fun, energetic personality to keep up with a dynamic young lad. You are sensitive and considerate about working with our client and his family in their home. Your outlook will be positive.

You have worked with children with complex needs, or you would like to do so, but lack experience. You have a full, clean UK drivers licence.

You would like to be permanently and directly employed.

If this is you – apply now!



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What’s the working time?

Flexibility is important

A variety of shifts are available but cover is mainly required for:

  • weekdays for the school run, pick up from school and after school until around 8 p.m.
  • weekends 9 a.m. to around 3 p.m.
  • School holidays 9 a.m. to around 8 p.m.


Main duties and responsibilities of the Support Worker 

  • Work with our client’s mother, case manager and  professionals to undertake duties commensurate with the post and as requested by the client’s mother and case manager 
  • Be a professional member of the staff team, supporting colleagues as necessary
  • Ensure that colleagues are fully informed of recent developments at handover time 
  • Be aware of issues of safeguarding and alert client’s mother to any concerns regarding the client’s safety and wellbeing 
  • Be reliable and punctual; alert the client’s mother, at the earliest possible opportunity, if unable to attend for work in an emergency or in case of illness 
  • Maintain expected high standards of care and report to the others on duty any breaches in professional practice, and/or inform client’s mother 
  • Participate in meetings called by the client’s mother and / or case manager 
  • In conjunction with client’s mother and case manager, be involved in supervision and appraisals to monitor personal and professional development  
  • Ensure individual needs of the child are met, at all times ensuring his safety, and that routines are arranged so that the client’s needs are paramount   
  • Contribute to the planning of a programme of care and treatment to meet the child’s needs  
  • Prepare feedback and reports as required and participate in meetings, e.g. planning meetings and case conferences if appropriate
  • Ensure client confidentiality at all times in record keeping and discussions concerning client 
  • Ensure dignity and respect and privacy are maintained at all times for his family
  • Negotiate and agree duties with the client’s mother 
  • Encourage the client to live as full, active and comfortable a life as possible, planning and arranging social and recreational activities within the home and in the local community, taking into account his health and medical condition
  • Ensure that in planning the client’s mother plays as full a part as possible in the day to day running of his situation
  • When required, support the family during holiday periods at home and possibly abroad. Ensure travel documents are in order 
  • Offer him stimulation and opportunities for interactive and explorative play, taking into account his medical and health condition
  • Liaise with external agencies as requested by the client’s mother or case manager in relation to the individual needs of the child (medical professionals, pharmacy, GP, physiotherapist, speech and language therapist, occupational therapists, educational services, etc)
  • Assist with all aspects of personal care and daily living for him once training has been given
  • Monitor medical supplies and, if running low, notify the client’s mother so that the stock can be replenished
  • Assist him with exercises and treatment as instructed by any identified therapist or his mother 
  • Pay particular attention to the monitoring of the health of the child, this could change significantly and rapidly  
  • Maintain patience and calmness at all times and, following guidelines given, act on own initiative to deal with circumstances to the best of your ability.  This may, on occasions, necessitate emergency treatment or admission to hospital
  • Administer medication as prescribed and agreed with the family and keep a written record of all drugs administered as per the Medication Policy
  • Provide a daily written handover record of input with the child, also to record any changes in her presentation and feedback to family and staff members in the communication book 
  • Provide a high standard of cleanliness, comfort and homeliness at all times   
  • Undertake some household duties as and when necessary relating to the child and the areas he accesses within the home; assist with the cleaning of specific equipment and resources 
  • Work with his family and friends. This may involve the highest degree of sensitivity and insight into family dynamics 
  • Show sensitivity and consideration when working in the client’s home, respecting his family’s personal boundaries and privacy and interacting as appropriate with his sibling 
  • Use your imagination and creativity in finding new interests and activities for and with the client 
  • Act as an empathetic and caring companion to the client. 

General Support Worker Duties

  • Ensure that all duties are carried out to the highest possible standard and that the welfare of the client is paramount at all times. 
  • Demonstrate accountablity for standards of professional practice
  • In an emergency and in case of illness, be flexible and stand in for other staff members
  • Comply with relevant legislation and operational guidelines
  • Undertake any other related duties commensurate with the general level of responsibility of the post of support worker.

Person Specification 

Essential Requirements for our Support Workers

  • No smoking during work hours
  • Willing to attend training sessions and use new information in your role as Support Worker
  • Physically fit* to participate in the client’s therapeutic activities as required including moving and handling
  • Ability to assist sensitively with intimate personal care and support client in developing his own skills and awareness
  • Cope with a busy family household and work with our client’s family in a sensitive and positive manner 
  • Demonstrate a positive interest and attitude to working with a child with special needs, fostering choice, independence and confidence
  • Commit to non-discriminatory practice and to social inclusion
  • Awareness of safeguarding and the rights of young people 
  • Able to use initiative to provide energetic, constructive and creative play activities
  • Commit to agreed hours, attending work punctually and reliably   
  • Flexible, energetic, fun and lively, and support the client’s and family’s chosen lifestyle and interests
  • Flexible to vary hours to reflect school and holiday routines, and to attend occasional meetings and supervision
  • Willing and able to take the client out to places of interest, offering a safe and secure routine 
  • Listen wholeheartedly to assist the client to use his emerging and developing communication skills
  • Assist with all household tasks and duties as requested by the client’s mother 
  • Willing to work using own initiative but also collaboratively as part of a team
  • Resourceful, self-motivated and calm in order to deal competently with any challenges that arise when working alone 
  • Follow through on recommendations made by the therapy, medical and school professionals involved with the client
  • Sound basic education with good written and effective verbal communication skills to facilitate the documentation of accurate records of your work with the client
  • Commitment to be actively involved in regular supervision, appraisal and personal development 
  • Characteristics – good sense of humour, dedication, flexibility, professional, respectful, adaptable. 
  • Maintain confidentiality during all discussions and documentation
  • Provide our client with a high quality of care, support and fun! 


  • If no demonstrable work experience, the ability to evidence your willingness to learn and be trained for this role
  • Flexibility to work additional hours in order to join in particular activities.

* The Employer claims exemption under the Equality Act 2010


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Satisfactory references and proof of eligibility to work in the UK are a requisite

An enhanced DBS certificate is required.

Criminal convictions may not necessarily prevent employment

This post operates a non-smoking environment at all times


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