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Embrace HR Limited is a niche HR provider to firms’ Court of Protection teams. We provide Solicitors, Deputies, Case Managers and families with HR support including administration, the provision of contracts, and recruitment. Our proactive approach ensures that our HR support for care employees is positive, fair and compliant. If issues arise, we are there to ensure any grievances are handled with due diligence. To find out how Embrace HR can help with your complex case management, call 01296 761 288, or complete our contact form.

Experienced CIPD qualified HR consultants

Embrace HR Limited has an innovative and open approach to dealing with clients’ Human Resources challenges.

We aim to take the hassle out of HR by helping you to better manage your staff, and allowing you to get on with your business.

Our experienced CIPD-qualified HR consultants can help SMEs by providing you with your own HR person or HR department for a few hours or a few days a month. Or, if you have your own HR department, we can work with them to provide additional support as and when required.

When you run a smaller organisation, your time is often directed away from HR issues, and concentrated on the running of the business itself. We can help you by taking on all those concerns over recruitment, staff management, and the legal requirements of being an employer, leaving you to get on with the job in hand – your business.

We are constantly looking for new ways of speeding up processes, giving clients more control through cloud-based services, and keeping on top of the latest rules and regulations surrounding employees.

Committed to providing bespoke packages to suit our clients’ needs, we can work with all types of SMEs; providing support, managing HR processes and procedures and document templates.

We can help with all areas of Human Resources, including HR management software; Performance management; Health and wellbeing; Contracts; and Policies and procedures.

Are you thinking of taking on your first employee or growing your business? Embrace HR takes the hassle out of your human resources’ efforts, by helping you in practical ways so you keep focused on what’s important to your business. We can help you manage your staff with time-effective and low cost HR Cloud-based solutions – they can be used to manage rotas, staff absence including holidays, and much more.

For more information on any of our services, give us a call on 01296 761 288, or fill in our contact form to find out more.



Case Management

We are providing services and support to Deputies, Trustees, Case Managers and parents and their families.

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Absence Management

Unplanned day off? Sickie? Duvet Day? Maternity, Adoption, Paternity Leave? Jury Service? What is the impact on?

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A contract is an agreement between two or more parties. Whether it is verbal or written it is legally binding.

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Disciplinary & Grievances

Every business, organisation, has rules that are the benchmark from which to work. They come in the form of a staff handbook.

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Employee Handbook

The Handbook is really about ‘the way we do things around here’. It sets the boundaries for day to day working.

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Health & Safety

Think about changing a light bulb – what’s your first thought? Is it whether you’ve done a risk assessment?

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Performance Management

What are your aspirations? Have you shared your dreams with the people who work with you?

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Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures – are they a waste or a necessity – Specific to your business like use of Social Media.

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Recruitment & Selection

£4,000 is an average cost to recruit at the lower end of the scale before the employee even starts working.

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“We approached Cecily, as founder of Embrace HR, to participate in the workshop [to investigate ways in which workplace maternity can be advanced]. In particular, we were interested to hear her experience in working with smaller firms, and her knowledge and insight into the barriers and challenges they faced when implementing maternity friendly policies. Cecily was passionate about advancing the maternity needs of women employees. She contributed to the rich discussions at the workshop and shared with participants the many instances where she helped client-firms to modify their practices to accommodate the needs of pregnant employees. She also felt that advancing maternity is a complex task, requiring first, a recognition that maternity is an area deserving of protection.”

“Embrace HR initially helped us write our employment contracts and employee handbooks. Since then I have opted to outsource all my HR requirements to Embrace HR. Cecily has been extremely helpful in dealing with delicate disciplinary and grievance situations as well as bringing on board external legal advice when necessary. No business should be ignorant of their HR duties, and it is with great confidence that I can recommend the Embrace HR suite of services.”

Cecily at Embrace HR really helped our company with managing new employees from contracts to holiday entitlement. We have expanded relatively fast over the last couple of years to 10 full-time employees and this process would have been difficult without Embrace HR’s monthly support.

“I have worked with Cecily and Embrace HR for a number of years now. After several months of working unsuccessfully to complete our HR manual & processes – we asked Cecily for her help to take over this project. She completed it in the required timescales and her and her team helped us roll out the process to the whole company. In addition she provided confidential advice on a number of HR matters. I trusted her implicitly to undertake the work required and she became a useful sounding board and a good friend to the business. She also acted as an HR mentor to our newly appointed HR manager and helped her qualify to take on a full-time HR  role in the business. I have no hesitation in recommending Cecily and her team.”

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