As a professional organisation with a specialism in assisting Deputies and Case Managers with complex case management, Embrace HR became a Corporate Associate of the British Association of Brain Injury & Complex Case Management (BABICM).

What is BABICM?

BABICM keenly promotes best practice for addressing and managing the specific needs of people with brain injury and other complex conditions. Whilst each case is unique, BABICM offers a structured framework to guide case management.

The BABCIM framework guides professional practice, ethical conduct, communication from initial referral and assessment, through to evaluation and record keeping. The aim is to provide consistency of care that best meets the health, rehabilitation, occupational and wellbeing needs of clients.

BABICM Corporate Associate logo

Why did Embrace HR Ltd become a BABICM Member?

As a BABICM Corporate Associate, Embrace HR has access to resources and support that guide our role in supporting complex case management. We are also active members of the independent forum where HR best practice is shared.

The knowledge and professional development gained as BABICM Corporate Associates means we are in tune with current practice. The framework guides our efforts in the delivery of high-quality HR when supporting case management.

When collaborating with deputies, case managers, support workers and clients, we understand what needs to be in place to support good practice and accountability. We tailor our services to be highly relevant through understanding our client’s needs and that of their family so that we may support them through recruitment and HR support.

Seeing the BABICM logo on our website provides reassurance that our team understands the complexities of case management. We strive for excellence in all care industry HR and are equipped to provide current and compliant HR support for you and your clients with brain injuries and complex care management.

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