Embrace HR Limited is the preferred independent HR provider to deputies, independent case managers and case management companies in England.

Our team of specialist HR consultants and HR administrators are experienced in providing personalised services to aid case management – specifically with your clients who have sustained a brain injury and require complex care.

Case management is a highly regulated and decidedly sensitive area of work. We pride ourselves on providing professional yet caring services, that meet CIPD standards and, with respect to employment, those of CQC and BABICM members.

We strive to provide HR support and education that results in the best outcome for everyone concerned.

HR Support for Case Managers

We assist Case Managers by providing HR advice, practical support, documentation such as contracts and employee handbooks. We support case managers with employee relations tasks such as investigations, disciplinary and grievance procedures and dismissals.

HR is a vital element in case management that demands expert handling. Our Case Manager HR services protect clients and support workers by ensuring legal compliance and good working practices. By getting everything in place from the start and communicating with our case managers, we reduce the risk of issues. We also share best practice when managing harassment, discrimination, conduct and performance issues, and grievances.

Getting Started

At the start of a new Case Manager and Embrace HR relationship, we typically audit and review existing documentation, including employment contracts and employee handbooks, employee records, policies and procedures. We then recommend improvements to ensure all documentation is fully compliant with current HR regulations, drafting updated or new documents where gaps are identified.

We know that variable hours working is a challenge when calculating holiday entitlements, ensuring staff are paid in accordance with their work and keeping records of absences. There can also be concerns that carers are putting themselves and the client at risk by working excessive hours. Embrace HR have the processes in place to manage these difficulties so that case managers can concentrate on their core work with the client.

For every new client, Embrace HR consults with Case Managers to understand the specific needs. We draft tailored job descriptions and contracts that reflect working practices in the client’s home and assist with the recruitment of support workers.

When the right candidate is selected, we undertake all necessary checks and prepare offers, contracts and handbooks. We ensure that the client’s case manager and family understand the legal duties surrounding employing people in their homes.

Outsourced HR Expertise

As a case manager working with Embrace HR, you know that you can pick up the phone whenever HR questions or issues arise. In many cases, we act as a ‘trouble-shooter’ and will ensure that our advice is relevant and within employment law constraints. This is how we operate; professional, timely advice that provides peace of mind.

Get in touch to find out how we can support you and your care team today or call us on:

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