Performance management may not be a phrase that is attributed to the care teams working in client homes. However, any workforce, no matter how large or small, will be governed by the expectations of their role and responsibilities, standards of performance and the support they receive.

Managing performance in various ways helps towards consistent, fair and high standards of care. People are recruited to a team, with the right attitude and fit for the client. However, each client is unique and staff may require specific training, experience and support.

Working in a private family home has its own uniqueness. It is a family home but it is also a place of work where the employer, normally a Deputy on behalf of the client, the client, a Trustee or family, will have employment obligations under employment regulations.

These regulations include the rights of people employed, whether on a permanent or temporary basis, their attendance, holidays, performance and dismissal, in whatever form.

Performance management covers many different aspects and the goal is to enhance the employment relationship, ensure people are engaged, understand their role, and are supported to deliver. Performance management includes supervision, regular reviews, informal discussions, coaching, training and support. Occasionally, there may also be formal interventions such as disciplinaries.

Line Management

Effective, consistent and fair line management is crucial to performance. We understand the intricacies and sensitivities in the unusual relationship between employer and employee working in this particular care sector. Collaboration, confidentiality, conflicts, respect and privacy have to be considered.

A line manager’s leadership and clear direction support the Deputy, the workers, the client and family. All-encompassing performance management is important for the care and health and safety of the client and those caring for the client.

Core Values and Competencies

If required, Embrace HR offers coaching and reviews to line managers, team leaders and family members, so they can confidently undertake performance management.

Every member of your care team has skills, experience and ambitions. As a Case Manager or Deputy, your role is to harness and develop these attributes, in line with the ethos, goals and, of course, the demands of your client.

We work with Case Managers and Deputies to establish the skills, competencies and values that they want their support workers to demonstrate. This information will be referred to for recruitment and selection, training and performance reviews.

Team members should be encouraged to consider ways to put these values into practice and work towards excellence in care provision.

Skilled Workforce of Carers

We support the provision of job descriptions and employee handbooks, as well as recruitment and selection processes to source and retain the right talents for every role.

Once in post, we encourage regular performance reviews for all employees. These are an opportunity for a two-way conversation where both parties can recognise, progress and/or re-establish objectives. The aim is to fully achieve the core values and competencies, in line with the specific care needs of the client.

Regular performance reviews can also raise the option of training and mentoring – to expand upon existing skills and build confidence in dealing with the demands of a support worker role.

A performance review can also be a time to consider employee wellbeing. Caring about your workers will put them in a better position to care for your clients.

Responding to Performance Issues

It is important to note that if the expected standards are not being met or there are any causes for concern with an employee, the Case Manager or Deputy should address these immediately, rather than waiting for the performance review. Effective line management and close liaison with us can nip issues in the bud and turn things around.

If the issue escalates, Embrace HR is experienced in dealing with disciplinary and grievance procedures. We can guide you through informal and formal processes to ensure they are fair, compliant and consistent.

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