From an HR perspective it makes sense to keep personnel data in one easily accessible place. HR software takes the hassle out of everyday HR management, providing a self-managing role for staff, managing attendance, family friendly leave, performance, communication and other HR processes.

Staff can easily access holiday information and review and request holiday time from their own home. They can also access HR information and keep their personal details up to date, whether it’s a change of address or updating next of kin information, all of  the information is at their fingertips. But there is so much more that our HR systems can provide and I’m inviting you to contact me for a chat about our free HR software trial.

The benefits of HR Software

  1. Automate your workload – New technology takes over the administration and improves your reporting. Stay up to date with holidays, absences and medical leave.
  2. Save time and money – Time consuming tasks are made simple and easy with our HR software. No more stacks of paperwork to get through; integrate real-time data straight on to the system.
  3. Remain legally compliant – Our HR software produces up-to-date legal documents as you progress through the stages and automatically keeps track of grievances, performance, disciplinaries and staff exits.
  4. Information at your fingertips – Our HR software is all cloud based, meaning wherever you have internet, you have access to your documents which can all be exported or downloaded 24/7.
  5. Transparent management – Our HR software allows you, your managers and staff to see the benefits of managing your people in an open and transparent manner.

What Our Clients Say…

“It is incredibly helpful having internet-based software that the whole office can use as part of our HR package. We use the system to track all aspects of HR, including time worked, overtime and holidays. Our team work varied shifts with different pay rates, so having a flexible system is important for us. Staff have the ability to input the data and the manager can then approve or query the entries.

We also use it to track training, which helps us keep track of staff development and ensure we are keeping within our health and safety guidelines. We can also upload pertinent documents to the system and choose whether we allow employees to see them. As an administrator or manager, you have a clear overview of the data and can run reports/export to Excel then analyse it further – we then send the data on to our Payroll team for processing.“

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