The workforce crisis in social care is putting huge pressure on the delivery of life-changing provision nationally – but through employers taking a positive approach to recruitment and retention, the foundations of change can be laid. Cecily Lalloo, MD of Embrace HR, independent HR specialists in private care sector support, discusses some steps organisations can […]

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The use of fixed-term contracts can give clarity and certainty to employers and employees alike – but for employers, they must ensure they are meeting their legal requirements towards those working for fixed-term periods. Cecily Lalloo, managing director of Embrace HR, independent HR specialists in private care sector support, discusses the key points of which […]

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Changes happen all the time, everywhere, anywhere and we have to be prepared to update skills and keep them relevant. Working in the care sector it is vital that employees are trained to an acceptable standard, both for mandatory training but also for specific training that their employer needs. There is a cost to training, […]

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Set expectations Employers in the UK, whether an individual or large or small business, who expect their workers to drive during the course of their employment, must comply with the necessary legal requirements. This guidance aims to outline the key steps to take when checking employees’ driving licences and provides an overview of the rules […]

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Cecily Lalloo, MD of Embrace HR, independent specialist provider to the complex care sector, discusses how to properly support night workers in their roles, to protect their own wellbeing while enabling them to deliver the best possible care to those who need it. Night work is commonplace in all aspects of healthcare, and is essential […]

Embrace HR Aylesbury staff payment changes

As April gets closer, make sure you are up to date with the changes in minimum wage rates and other statutory payments for the tax year 2023/2024. It is not long until April, and of course for anyone involved in HR or employing people, knowing the annual change in rates for the National Living Wage […]

With a significant Supreme Court judgement set to reform how part time workers’ holidays are calculated – and a Government consultation on this currently underway – employers must ensure they are on top of this fast-changing situation. Here, we look at the current situation and how Employers should review their current policies and procedures ahead […]

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Cecily Lalloo, Managing Director of Embrace HR, a consultancy specialising in HR support to Deputies and Case Managers, says that maternity leave can be a tricky time; both for the expectant mother dealing with pregnancy, and for the employer responsible for managing the employee while they are off. The scenario The recruitment campaign has been […]

As we are now approaching the end of the calendar year, if your holiday year runs from 1 January to 31 December, we recommend that you review the annual leave position for your employees. Annual leave is for rest and recuperation from work, and the rules that govern this are the Working Time Regulations 1998 […]

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There is much to consider when an employee tells you that they are pregnant. Firstly, they may not want everyone in the organisation to know, so ensure that they have told their colleagues before it is broadcast. Both maternity leave and pay are governed by statutory regulations, so it is important to know how to […]

The announcement that there is a bank holiday on Monday 19 September 2022, in the United Kingdom to mark the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will have an effect on many workers. My diary has been re-arranged, as I am sure others have had to do too. I am pleased that it is a […]

Professional Boundaries The quality of a support worker’s relationship with their client is very important. It is essential to create a warm, kind, homely and friendly environment. Sometimes, however, this closeness can blur professional boundaries and cause misunderstandings and difficulties for the support worker and the parents of the young people in their care. Many […]

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