Disciplinary & Grievances

Every business, organisation, institute has rules that are the benchmark from which to work : staff handbooks, policies and procedures, guidance, management instructions, and the practice of ‘the way we do things around here’. If there’s a problem then nip it in the bud quickly – a quiet word may be all it takes.

Informal route not working?

Then formal action through disciplinary procedures may be required. Are there frequent absences, performance issues or conduct. Ensure that your processes are fair and reasonable and your managers are supported throughout the process to ensure consistency. The first time you manage a disciplinary it can be daunting if you are not sure of the procedure.

Let us help you get the process right.

When a grievance is raised

Most people do not want to cause issues at work so may not raise concerns. What if they do? Managers have a responsibility to take grievances seriously and deal with them as fairly as possible, following the ACAS Code of Practice.

But, a grievance may be due to a misunderstanding or lack of communication. Often it can be sorted out informally between the people concerned. If it is left to fester you have unhappy staff and an unhappy workplace which can mean low productivity, low morale, stress, and loss of profit.

Put in place good management practices to ensure that issues can be dealt with informally at an early stage. We can help you.

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