As HR specialists, we like to focus on proactive advice and support such as championing effective recruitment, clear contracts of employment, employee handbooks, training, and communication through 1-2-1s, supervisions, team meetings and performance reviews. These ensure that support workers understand, achieve and maintain the expected standards.

At times, there may be a breakdown in the employment relationship through conduct, performance, or another reason.

Dignity, trust and respect are the foundations of any relationship and they are vital to an effective care partnership. When issues start to impact these values, they must be addressed.

Opportunity for Support Workers to Improve

When standards of conduct, attitude or performance dip, our approach is to support case managers and parents to deal with issues as early as possible. Except for cases of gross misconduct, we encourage resolution of the matter through informal discussions. Often an honest conversation can be sufficient to clarify the situation. Measures can be agreed to enable the support worker to improve by providing support, training, and communication. Visit our page on performance management.

When conduct or performance does not improve through informal means, it may become necessary to begin to address matters formally. Instigating a formal disciplinary procedure is normally the last resort.

Disciplinary Procedures in the Care Sector

Disciplinary procedures are daunting and can have two effects. Either it provides the impetus for improvement or it can have a negative effect on all involved. The experienced and independent team at Embrace HR supports Case Managers, Deputies and families to ensure that disciplinary procedures are fair, reasonable and consistent. We will guide and support you through:

  • Preliminary investigations – with a focus on gathering facts rather than opinion
  • Temporary suspension of support worker – this may be an option whilst the case is being investigated
  • Facilitated meetings – an opportunity for all parties to be fairly represented and to provide evidence of wrongdoing
  • Written warnings – first and final written warnings
  • Support worker appeals – managing any contention of the disciplinary process
  • Dismissal – the final course of action when all other avenues have been exhausted

We will help you to get the process right.

When a Grievance is Raised by a Support Worker

All employees deserve to be treated with respect by their employer and colleagues. When issues arise, it is in the interest of Case Managers, Deputies and families to resolve complaints in a fair and timely manner.

Many grievances arise from misunderstandings or lack of communication. Talking through the issue informally can help to clarify roles, responsibilities and expectations. This can be sufficient to bring everything back on track before relationships break down.

If an informal approach fails to resolve the issue, the support worker should set out their grievance in writing to their Case Manager or another responsible person. All employers have a responsibility to take grievances seriously and to deal with them as fairly as possible.

Our team will work with all parties to assist with investigations, meetings, actions and appeals. We ensure that the ACAS Code of Practice for Grievances is adhered to throughout the process.

Fair Resolution of Issues in the Care Industry

Disciplinary and Grievance procedures can be stressful and disruptive, impacting the lives of all involved. Embrace HR will help you to address the situation by providing solutions such as mediation, or, if necessary, bringing employment to an end in ways that are compliant with the law.

By offering continued support from a dedicated HR expert, we can help to resolve issues or take cases through to agreed solutions.

Get in touch to find out how we can support you and your care team today or call us on:

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