In any highly-regulated industry, policies and procedures help to guide practice and maintain high standards. For this reason, the CQC requires service providers to implement a policy-driven approach to care provision.

This can feel very formal and daunting, so our team apply the human touch. We work with clients to develop family-friendly policies that are appropriate for the home environment. We ensure that these still meet the obligatory requirements, in line with CQC compliance.

Embrace HR also provide Case Managers and Deputies with standard policies and procedures that we can tailor to specific work environments and roles.

Why is the Care Industry Encouraged to use a Policy-driven Approach?

Policies and procedures guide consistent, high-quality care. Their role is to protect the health and wellbeing of clients and the support workers. When policies and procedures are followed it encourages safe working practices where risks are mitigated and care provision optimised. Seeing it from that perspective makes it less formidable.

Care Industry Policies

Care industry policies can be divided into four core elements:

  • Administration – Including Data Protection
  • Health and Safety – Including Lone Working
  • HR – Including Equal Opportunities
  • Service Delivery – Including Safeguarding

Together, they provide a framework that supports quality assurance and good working practices. We will talk through requirements and advise on what is needed for the care setting.

If you have existing policies in place, the Embrace HR team offer a review service. This simply ensures that they are in line with care needs, as well as current legislative and regulatory requirements.

Care Industry Procedures

Procedures instruct Case Managers and Support Workers to deliver best practice services to protect the carer, client and themselves from potential harm. Like an instruction manual, they explain how to undertake specific actions.

As an example, support workers might be provided with a procedure for administering medication. By following the procedure, they can fulfil their role according to expected standards. If there is a reason why they are unable to follow the procedure, this can be communicated back to the Case Manager.

When every member of the team follows the same procedures, it is possible to achieve consistency of care. It gives support workers confidence that their actions are appropriate and that they are doing the best job for their client.

Procedures should be regularly reviewed to ensure that they are still relevant and represent best practice. Embrace HR can work with you to manage procedure reviews and updates.

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